How do I know if I am Entered?

Every purchase you make on our website, over the phone or in store will automatically enter you to our current Sweepstakes. You do NOT need to fill out an Entry Card if you made a purchase Online or over the phone.

When purchasing In-Person you will be asked to fill out an Entry card with your information.

For Mail-In entries, see section 3 of rules.

Do people really win these things?

Yes! Other companies have been giving away supercars and lifted trucks for years! It was just a matter of time for us to come and bring you the best Semi-Truck giveaway. You can actually make money with our trucks and start a new career! We use a 3rd party Sweepstakes company to keep things 100% legit and fair! They draw the winners and forward the information to us.

Our Sweepstakes company info is listed in the rules if you have any questions feel free to contact them.

How do I know how many entries I have?

Each item shows how many entries you will get for purchasing. Also, your cart will show the total entries for that order prior to checking out. Lastly you will receive an email with the total entries you received for that order. SAVE YOUR EMAILS

How do multipliers work?

It’s quite simple, when there’s no multipliers $1 equals 1 entry (i.e. $55 = 55 entries) if the multiplier is 5X, 10X, etc. etc. you simply multiply your item cost by the multiplier amount. (i.e. $55 item X 5 = 275 entries)

My On-line order is not going through, what can I do?

If you are having issues with the website, try clearing your cookies and retry it. If the problem continues, or the system does not recognize your address, please call us at (806)-993-5113 Monday - Friday 8-5 Central time, and we will happily take your order over the phone.

Why does your website say “No purchase Necessary” but you still ask people to shop to enter?

You’re right! Purchase is NOT necessary to enter, but IT IS the easiest way to enter and get the most entries possible.

For alternative ways of entry (FREE) please visit our RULES

When is the drawing?

Sweepstakes beginning and ending dates can be found on our CURRENT RULES. After the deadline, we allow 7 days for the mail in entries to be received.

KEEP IN MIND WINNERS ARE ANNOUNCED 15 – 20 DAYS AFTER THE SWEEPSTAKES ENDING DATE. Winner will be notified solely via PHONE CALL by Jesse. We will never make contact by text, direct message, WhatsApp, or Messenger. After contacting the winner, we will make the announcement on all our social media.